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Dreifuss philanthropy is a professional initiative that empowers nonprofits to achieve their philanthropic goals. With years of experience supporting high-performing organizations, we provide a wide range of services including grant writing, strategic planning, social media, event planning, program evaluation, and more. Our team of experts brings together innovative techniques and timeless insights to help you understand your unique situation and achieve continued growth. With us at your side, you'll overcome obstacles and create lasting impact.

Shira Dreifuss

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As a philanthropic professional, Shira believes that there are unlimited opportunities for starting, building, and managing thriving nonprofits and foundations.

The passion for giving to society combined with reliability, persistence and focus have achieved outstanding results for multiple nonprofit organizations with whom Shira has worked.

For over 15 years, Shira has been involved in the nonprofit sector both in Israel and abroad. She has served as a fundraiser, volunteer and board member of various organizations operating in several fields such as public diplomacy, environment, education and welfare. Her rigorous approach to philanthropy, focused on relationship building and strategic planning, has generated significant contributions from donors, foundations, and governmental organizations in Israel, Europe and the USA.


philanthropy advising

Philanthropy Advising

As visionary philanthropists, your mission is to create lasting social change by strategically investing in the causes that resonate with your values. We design comprehensive roadmaps to help you maximize the impact of your resources. Our expertise lies in identifying trusted nonprofit partners aligned with your goals, whether combating poverty, safeguarding the environment, or championing other critical initiatives. Through our tailored approach, we ensure your philanthropic investments drive transformative change and provide vital support where it's needed most.

strategic planning

Strategic Planning

Our strategic services craft concrete yearly work plans aligned with your nonprofit's mission and fundraising goals. We curate tailored programs and initiatives by building your case for support, building your team, integrating fundraising platforms as well as a CRM and producing fundraising materials. This approach allows us to effectively showcase your organization's impact. Our strategic planning process involves setting clear objectives, conducting brainstorming sessions, and outlining concrete milestones to maximize your nonprofit's resource development endeavors.

grant writing

Grant Writing

Unlock vital funding through our strategic Grant Writing services:

Grant Research: Identifying ideal funding prospects aligned with your mission.

Compelling Proposals: Crafting narratives that resonate with funders through inquiry letters, needs statements, project plans, and budgets.

Evaluation Planning: Incorporating robust assessment strategies into program development and reporting.

Our tailored approach empowers organizations to secure grants and amplify social impact.

board managment

Board Management

The organization's success hinges on the board's dedication and active involvement in fundraising campaigns. Without their committed participation, launching such initiatives would be inadvisable. Board members should attend events and assist in securing major donations to achieve organizational goals.

event planning

Event Planning

We can help you sell more sponsorships, not just tickets. Our expertise lies in maximizing the potential of fundraising events by securing lucrative sponsorships, ensuring a substantial return on your investment. Leverage our strategic approach to unlock new avenues for corporate partnerships and amplify your event's impact.


Crowdfunding Campaign Management

Leverage our expertise to harness the power of peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising. We'll guide you in utilizing platforms that empower your advocates to create personalized fundraising pages, sharing them within their networks. Tap into their collective influence to drive contributions, cultivate new donors, and maximize impact through an authentic, grassroots approach.

planned giving

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a strategic approach that allows you to secure your philanthropic legacy while benefiting society. Our experienced advisors will guide you through the process of donating various assets. By making a well-planned gift, you can establish a permanent endowment fund that perpetuates the causes and values you hold dear. Not only will you create a lasting impact on the world, but you'll also enjoy significant tax advantages. Invest in your philanthropic vision today through our Donor-Advised Fund, shaping a brighter future for generations to come while maximizing your financial benefits.

fundraising materials

Fundraising Materials

Good fundraising materials, attractive websites, and precise content marketing can elevate your nonprofit's professional appeal and effectively communicate your message to those passionate about your cause. Leverage our expertise in designing multilingual materials – English, Hebrew, French, Italian, and German – crafted by skilled graphic designers. We'll strategically showcase your work and progress, effectively reaching new donors through tailored websites, annual reports, brochures, and gala dinner journals.


Social Media

Amplify your nonprofit's outreach through our strategic social media solutions:

Social Media Management: Build vibrant communities across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Google Ads: Target individuals actively seeking your services with tailored campaigns.

Facebook Advertising: Reach precise audience segments with targeted ads.

Email Marketing: Captivating newsletters spotlight achievements and inspire donor action.

Leverage digital platforms to raise awareness, engage supporters, and drive fundraising success.

One of the major projects Shira was responsible for was our yearly Gala dinner. She organized the event from A to Z, was strongly involved in leading the dinner committee, took part in the strategic thinking and meticulously handled every aspect of the production efforts, including budgeting, marketing, lineup coordination as well as copywriting both in English and in Hebrew for our event’s speakers and MC. We set up together with the help of Shira a telemarketing center responsible for reaching out to our various donors in Israel and America as well as implementing a recognition system before and after the event.

Rabbi David Ziering, Aish

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